Refinance Timeline

Timeline of the Process Whether this is your refinance or you are a real estate veteran, the closing process can sometimes appear to be mystifying. This thumbnail review should help you to understand what goes on before, during and after the day that you sit down and sign all the formal documents at Key Title. Purpose of A Closing/Settlement As your closing agent, Key Title acts as a third party ...Read More »

Lender Title Insurance

Almost all Lenders require that the Borrower purchase a Lender’s Title Policy at closing that is for the benefit of the Lender only.  When refinancing, a new Owner’s Title Policy is not purchased but each new loan must have a new Lender’s Title Policy issued to cover the new loan. For most refinances and loans, there is a refinance/reissue premium rate available which is a calculated at reduced rate.  This ...Read More »

Borrower’s Checklist

Borrower must complete the loan application and return to the Lender and thereafter promptly furnish Lender with all requested documents and information. Borrower should comply with these requests quickly to avoid delays in closing.  Borrower also selects the settlement company to handle the closing at this time. Borrower’s lender (or Borrower in some cases) will notify Key Title that the refinance loan application is in process and will request information ...Read More »