Almost all Lenders require that the Borrower purchase a Lender’s Title Policy at closing that is for the benefit of the Lender only.  When refinancing, a new Owner’s Title Policy is not purchased but each new loan must have a new Lender’s Title Policy issued to cover the new loan.

For most refinances and loans, there is a refinance/reissue premium rate available which is a calculated at reduced rate.  This premium can be calculated using the Key Title calculator.*

District/State & County Recording Fees And Taxes

Depending on whether the property is located in Virginia, DC or Maryland, there will be recording and/or transfer taxes that must be paid to the local and state jurisdictions. Please use the Key Title Calculator to obtain an estimate of what these fees will be.*

* All fees are subject to change and new loans that are not refinancing another loan may not qualify for the refinance/reissue title insurance rates or for reduced recording taxes. Any extraordinary services will be subject to additional charges.