Complete loan application and promptly furnish your lender with all requested documents and information. Purchasers should comply with these requests to avoid delays in closing.

unchecked_checkboxSchedule the settlement date and time through your REALTOR and/or KEY TITLE. If any purchaser will not attend settlement, please contact KEY TITLE and your lender now for a pre-approved power of attorney. General powers of attorney may be insufficient because they lack specificity and precise language.

unchecked_checkboxObtain and provide a hazard insurance policy. Pay for year one and bring a paid receipt to settlement.

unchecked_checkboxHome, radon, and walk-through inspections should be scheduled with seller’s representative by your realtor.

unchecked_checkboxDetermine who will order the termite inspection and ensure the certificate is delivered to the lender prior to closing.

unchecked_checkboxTransfer all utilities into your name as of the date of settlement (or other date mutually agreed upon with seller). Ensure utilities will be on for your final walk-through inspection.

unchecked_checkboxSettlement Proceeds must be wired to us. Please refer to the initial Purchaser letter for specific wire instructions and call our office the day prior to closing for the amount.